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language academy web comedy series

Craig — played by Dave Theune — twitter / website
(Advanced English Instructor: Conversation, American Culture)

Describe your teaching style.

I’d compare it to jazz. It may seem free flowing, but if you listen closely, you’ll hear the structure hiding beneath.

Who is one of your personal heroes?

Cesar Chavez.  In some ways I like to think of myself as a teacher of the people.

What is your favorite book?

A People’s History of the United States, by Howard Zinn.  I’ve always been interested in the plight of the disenfranchised.

What’s your least favorite word?

Cannot.  I cannot, or rather will not, accept it in my classroom.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give your students?

Think of the classroom as a ship, and me as your captain.  Trust in me, your captain.  Let me steer you through the cold and treacherous English Channel. Let me be your champion.

language academy web comedy series

Ashley — played by Kinna McInroe — twitter / website
(Intermediate English Instructor: Idioms, Writing and Reading)

What’s your least favorite word in English?


What’s one piece of advice you would give your students?

Never date a guy with a monosyllabic first name like “Blake.”

If you could move to another country, where would you live?

The Netherlands, so I could wear those fun wooden clog thingies.

What is the most useful English skill?

Questions in the past tense. For example, “who were you with last night?” and “why didn’t you call me back?”

What is your teaching philosophy?

My students are my children, and children need love.

language academy web comedy series

Sean — played by Brent Weinbach — twitter / website
(Beginning English Instructor: Pronunciation, English Survival)

What’s your favorite verb in English?


How would your students describe you?

Treal (true + real).

Who is the most important educator of all time?

2pac. He was the 1st person to substitute numbers 4 words.

What is the most useful English skill?

Superlatives. As in “dank,” “danker,” “dankest.”

What’s something you admire about another culture?

How in Italy, it’s chill 2 live at your parents crib 4 mad long.

language academy web comedy series

Danielle — played by Sara Coates — twitter / website
(High-Intermediate English Instructor: Listening and Speaking)

What inspired you to become an ESL teacher?

A deep need to help others achieve their dreams. And 80K in student loan debt.

What’s the best advice you’ve received from a student?

Relax. We can’t understand you anyway.

Name one word in English that describes you.


What’s your favorite English word?

Creep, because of its versatility. But mainly because it’s so effective in shutting down unwanted bus-ride conversations.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching?

The hours. If I kick ass during the day I can usually make it home for Ellen.